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Video test drives and full-motion video merchandising for
your VDPs

A powerful multimedia experience automatically generated from your existing inventory data feeds and 360° WalkArounds. Get interior and exterior videos highlighting key features and options, including virtual test drives. Videos are live within 24 hours, automatically optimized for SEO, and syndicated to YouTube.

"Partnering with Impel was 100% the right decision for our team. It's really allowed our sales and service teams to be more efficient in managing the total customer lifecycle from the time they get the initial lead to selling the vehicle, and then ultimately servicing that vehicle. We've been able to continue to scale growth while maintaining our staffing levels across service and sales departments. And we've been able to uncover more opportunities to sell and service more vehicles. It’s just an incredible solution every dealership needs to have."

Christopher Legg • Digital Performance & Marketing Manager

Ourisman Ford of Manassas